Preserv2 - File Format Registry (beta)

p2-registry RDF browser quickstart

The p2-registry RDF browswer is inteded only as a reference point from which a handle can be grasped on the data structure allowing for the development of efficiant SPARQL queries. This service is unsupported in application use and is not inteded to be scalable.

This document gives a quickstart guide on how to browse the data in the knowledge base.

Quickstart - PDF data

In this section week look for a pronom mime type, locate a specific format of that mime type and then find the supertype. We then show how to do the same in reverse.

Mime Type -> Super Type
  1. In the subject box enter pdf
  2. In the suggestion box scroll down until you find "" and click this item
  3. The left hand "Attribute Properties" box shows the properties of this URI while the right hand "Related To" box shows URIs which link to this node.
  4. From the right hand "Related To" box select any node which has the pronom:FileFormatIdentifier predicate (right hand string)
  5. This time scroll down in the Attribute Properties box until you find the "pronom:IsSubtypeOf" predicate, one of these should link to a dbpedia URI, click this to find out generic information about PDFs
Super Type -> Specific Type

Simply find the listing of pronom:IsSupertypeOf nodes in the last document we found from above.